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With a lot of advertisements that say that the slot machine payout is 98% or 99.5%, how come many people still win or lose more money playing at the slot machines?

Well, in all good intention, the advertised payout percentage is not related to a single game session. It is a percentage calculated over thousands of slot game sessions. It is possible that some players lose, some may earn less and some may earn much more. Moreover, any gambling session is of no gun when you know that you put in $100 and win $98. The odds are random and gambling is more about chance than anything else in life. Luck, as slot machines would have it, is the main stay of all players.

How to make payout percentages work to your advantage?

There are no tricks or cheats involved in making the payout percentages work for you. Though, you will need to understand a few facts and figures that can direct you to the best slot machines that you can play and these have the best slot machine payouts. The jist here is that the chance of a higher payout percentage is directly related to the denomination you play. The higher the denomination, the better is the payout percentage.

The reason why slot machines are built this way is not hard to see here. If you play the highest denomination you can afford to since a $1 single coin slot machine will not spin as much as a quarter based slot machines with a three coin bet thus reducing the payout percentage. The chance is still that you may not win even if you play the highest percentages. The factor can be attributed to luck, the all important charming aspect of gambling. So, even if the casino advertises 99.9% payout percentages, you still may not end up on the winning side.

The other side

Slot machines are programmed to give out winnings between 82 to 98% o the money wagered. This is fixed by the laws of the state and is called the RTP (return to player) or the theoretical payout percentages. For example, the minimum payout percentage fixed in Nevada is 75% whereas it is 78% in New Jersey. The winning percentages and the payout frequencies are carefully selected. For example, a $1 slot machine could be programmed in New Jersey to RTP 78% over 1,000,000 spins. So, over a million spins the machine will return $780,000 to the players and the rest of the $220,000 is for the house.

In many other areas, the slot machines over the complete area are controlled remotely for security as well as auditing purposes through wide area networks. This includes a variety of venues that could have a few thousand slot machines controlled from a single computer where the payout percentages are also calculated remotely using the game software.
Nevada Gaming Commission is also known to be working on a similar network with access to game managers allowing them to change odds, game sand payout with due notice to players on the game consoles before they begin playing.

These sorts of controls help regulate the game; enforce fair play and better payout percentages for all players across a geographical area.

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