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Points and cash-outs are common at all online casinos, but it is a little different at the Golden Palace online casino. The point cash-outs depend on the stats of the player and hence it does pay to be a VIP and play your favorite online game – jackpot slots – here.

Level 3 or Zircon has $1 for 100 points and the Level 9 or Diamond has a $1 for 70 points conversion rates. VIP casino members also get unprecedented bonuses ranging from $10 to $125 a week. Bonus on various methods of deposits are also available, for example wire transfer deposits between $100 and $3000 get 15% bonus on each deposit.

As a VIP at the Golden Palace online casino, it is easy to play and get to the top level only with your playing methods and deposit status. The benefits and bonuses vary with each level and your promotions are automatic.
The total number of levels is 7 and each level has a different point conversion ratio, deposit bonus, weekly bonuses and cash refunds. The levels are Zircon, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond in the ascending order. All of them come with great benefits and once you begin at Zircon at the golden Palace, you have already begun to feel like a millionaire.

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In online casino world, VIP does not only mean Very Important Person, but it also means Very Important Player! At Millionaire casino they know how to treat their customers as both players and very important persons.>>>>>>

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