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Bonuses are sops offered by online casinos to attract players to the site and keep them involved. There is a variety of online casino bonuses offered and each of them is unique in its own way.

Welcome Bonuses

The first kind of bonus is the welcome bonus which is also known as the new player bonus or signup bonus. This is very popular and is offered by almost every online casino. A typical welcome bonus is $100 but could be more; however please look at the fine print since this bonus could also be broken up into monthly installments. In that case they will be called monthly bonuses. At many casinos they are also known as match bonuses or percentage bonuses.

Percentage bonuses offered by many casinos vary according to the deposit made. IT is normally between 50% and 500%. A 100% bonus is called a match bonus because it is even with your deposit amount. Similarly, a 505 bonus means you will get a bonus of %50 for every $100 your deposit and a 200% bonus means that you will get a $200 bonus for every $100 you deposit.

Reload Bonuses

This bonus is offered whenever you deposit more money into your account. This is offered so that you keep refilling your account and keep gambling. A normal reload bonus is 100% or a match bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are bonuses that are offered by online casinos without your needing to deposit any money with them. The casino adds money to your account so that you can start playing. A typical no deposit bonus is around $10.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

This kind of bonus is invoked by an online casino when you deposit money with them in their preferred deposit channel. The preference however is different from casino to casino and each casino has its own reasons to prefer one channel over the other. This bonus is normally in the range of 5% to 15% and it is added to your deposit. Most casinos have an upper limit of deposit to offer this bonus and is normally in the range of $3000 which means that the preferred deposit bonus you can earn is capped at $3000 and no more.

Loyalty Bonuses

Being loyal to an online casino can also have its own benefits. Loyalty Bonuses are such bonuses offered to player who have been playing with them for a good period of time and have reached certain levels. The percentages vary according to your status and the higher your level is, the higher the bonus percentages and more are the benefits.

High Roller Bonuses

These bonuses are for players who play with higher stakes and deposit higher amounts. Normally a high roller bonus is above $1000 and is in the form of a 50% bonus.

These percentages in the above mentioned forms of online casino bonuses keep varying, you will need to check every time you make a deposit or play at the casino. Bonuses may vary but the lure of free money that a player can use to gamble does motivate a lot of players to stick to a single online casino. The casino itself does not make a loss here but it is a form of payout, albeit indirect to promote themselves and keep them in the niche.

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