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Gambling has been man’s weakness for ages now and for many years now, most such adventurers have flocked around to Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlantic City, Reno, Biloxi and even New Jersey for take part in man’s ultimate passion – gambling on slot machines. Although casinos have a diverse range of game machines ranging form craps, poker, blackjack and the works, the most popular part of any of these establishments has been the slot machine enclosure.

Slot machines are very popular but at the same time come with a lot of myths and misconceptions usually expounded by experienced players. These myths and misconceptions surrounding the slot machines are due to the payouts and the random number generators built into them. We will look into a few of them in this article.
Myths and misconceptions
Slot machines are also referred to as the slots. The first myth here is that most players think that the longer they play, the greater are their chances of winning. Once the random number generator is set into the machine, the symbol combinations keep changing and hitting the winning combination has nothing to do with the length of play.
Another popular myth is that the random number generators can be rigged for “no win” by the casino staff that cleans them. This is the greatest myth of them all. The handles as well as the spin button, both are continuously regulated by a single device inside the machine.
The third popular myth is that once a machine hits a winning combination, it will not do so for a long time. A slot machine can have even ten winning combination in a single day and may not have even one for a month. The chances of both happening are the same.
A few other myths also state that the temperature of the coin being inserted can produce a wining combination. This is purely absurd, since a slot machine is nothing but a mechanical device and does not have nay temperature sensors built in. Many people can be seen rubbing coins….!
Many casinos offer slot club cards to players. Another absurd myth here is that using the club card would minimize the chances of winning. There is no way this can happen, since the winning combination is generated by a computer and not the coin’s alloy analysis.
Another howler of a myth is that most payouts form slot machines happen on weekends. Although this could be logical considering the business of a casino, the casino cannot preset any such combinations in the slot machines.
Slot machines are games of chance and are to be taken that way. In a righteous tone, it is very important to understand that playing a slot machine at any time of the day or night, you stand the same chance of winning that your “lady luck” may define. Any other myths and misconceptions surrounding this strategy or affecting it are untrue and false. As any other gambling games, slot machines are meant to be played at for relaxation and entertainment, not to make a living and hence delving into myths and misconceptions is only going to dilute the entertainment value. Play responsibly and enjoy more when the lady luck smiles.

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