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If you’re looking for something completely different, Bejewelled slot is for you. This popular 10-payline slot based on the famous online game lets you play through several thrilling levels for a shot at a massive $400,000 jackpot. With spins starting at just 1c per line and running right up to $20, it suits any pocket.

The funny thing is that since the last few years Bejewelled has become one of the most popular games in mobile phones. So if you have played at least once this game on your computer or your mobile phone you will immediately become familiar with the slot machine. The graphics and the sound effects of the casino game are pretty much the same as the well-known game.

You’ll get the chance to win some great cash prizes as you play through the game’s levels, including the $400,000 Super Jackpot. Get five wild symbols on any line and you’ll win 1,000 times you bet: that’s up to a stunning $20,000 in a single spin.

Bejewelled slot can be played at Party casino by clicking here >

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