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Let’s learn the basic terms and terminology used for slot machines the world over, so that we feel more comfortable when we play at land based or online casino…

Reel: Spins, just like old fashioned movies and spews out illustrations and “winning” combinations (sometimes).

Mechanical Slots: These are traditional slot machines that are live in a casino and are not video based. They have reels that physically (not digitally) spin.

Symbols: Illustrations on the reel fronts that depict fruits, animals or any other symbols that go with the theme of the slot machine.

Slant top machines: Slot machines that have a sitting arrangement for players to sit.

Tight slots: Slot machines that have low payout percentages and give away a small percentage as winnings.

Loose slot: Slot machines that are in greater demand since they are known to have better payout percentages and often turn up the winning combination.

Carousel: A particular group or a row of slot machines.

RNG: Stands for Random Number Generator. It is the brain of the slot machine and generates random possibilities of symbol or number matches. This is the reason why each pull of the lever brings out a different combination – losing or winning.

Payline: A horizontal line on which the symbols are supposed to fall or display symbols to be considered a winning combination.

Pay Table: The actual table which tells the player which combinations that are required to register a win.

Candle: An indicator, normally a flash bulb that indicates that the slot machine is not functioning as it should.

Hand Pay: A payment for a win made by hand. Normally a slot machine hands out the payment by coins. But, if the machine cannot pay out the amount won, the payout is made through hand pay.

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