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Playing slots is a part of gambling and is a game of chance as any other casino games. All such games including slots include the psyche of making a bet on the result of a pre-defined event. Games like bingo, lottery, horse racing, dice, roulette, cards or slot machines operate much by the same principle and the psychological aspects related to such games are much the same.

Legal and moral considerations: Gambling in any form has been considered immoral for a long time now. Being a game of chance and being known to turn out fewer winners, it is considered to contribute mostly to increase in poverty and abet criminal behavior due to psychological pressures created by lack of money. As defined, the seven deadly sins – gluttony, greed, lust, laziness, anger, envy and pride, gambling is a combination of greed and laziness since each such gambler who loses the race has done so because he or she wanted to make more money without honest working to make a living.

Many states in the USA prohibit gambling including slot machines. Violation of laws in these states can result in felonies or misdemeanors and are punishable with prison terms and fines. These states have gambling statutes that criminalize such gambling games that require no skills. Exceptions are made for social and state-controlled gambling. These statutes and laws are aimed more to control financing of organized crime rather than prevent people from taking a chance with their luck.

When does gambling become a problem?

Gambling becomes a problem when a gambler goes beyond the etiquettes of pursuing a hobby or a pastime and loses all control over his of her spending. There are certain psychological signs here that can help you to take the help of an addiction specialist:

•Continued compulsion to risk assets and money despite knowing the financial limitations of self.
•Optimism of winning despite all odds and continuous losing streaks.
•Borrowing money to gamble and defaulting on repayments.
•Gambling with money set aside for mortgage or rent payments.
•Delusions about beating the odds
•Stressed out financially due to excessive losses.

Every gambler should take a look at himself or herself to ascertain whether he or she has a gambling problem. The following is a quick quiz that can help:

•Is your gambling habit straining personal relationships at home?
•Is gambling making you skip work frequently?
•Do you feel remorseful after a gambling session?
•Do you consciously plan to repay your debts with gambling wins?
•Do you feel that you should continue gambling to make up for your losses?
•When the odds are in your favor, do you feel the compulsion to extend your winning streak?
•Do you borrow money from your friends to gamble?
•Do you keep gambling until all your money is gone?
•Do you gamble long hours, although you are supposed to be elsewhere?
•Have you ever sold any assets to raise money for gambling?
•Do you use the wins from your gambling sessions for regular expenses?
•Have you ever resorted to any unethical practices to raise money for gambling?
•Have you ever contemplated suicide as an alternative to escaping the stress from stressed financial conditions?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you need to make an appointment with the addiction specialist. Need we say more about the psychological aspects of gambling or even slot machines?

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