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Slot machines today are an integral part of any casino today. They are also called fruit machines by the British and poker machines by the Australians. Traditionally, slot machines are coin operated machines and consist of three reels that spin when the player pulls the lever. Each kind of slot machine comes with its own set of symbols and visible on the front of the machine. These symbols also spin with the reel. No casino worth its salt can do away with slot machines as they are highly popular and contribute to more than 70% of the casino’s income.


The first ever gambling machine was designed and developed in 1891 by Pittman and Sitt. It was based on card poker and came with five drums and displayed 50 card faces. It was played by inserting a nickel and pulling the lever. The pulling of the lever rotated the drums that consisted of cards. The prizes n those days were cigars, beer or free drinks depending on the hand of the player and the gambling machine host.

Another form of such gambling machine gave out fruit-flavored chewing gums to winners and had symbols of fruit on its front (no wonder they are called the fruit machines by the British). The modern slot machine still sports the BAR symbol that was a feature of these machines, a logo of the Bell Fruit Gum Company.
The modern day slot machine was electro-mechanical, called Money Honey and was invented by Bally. This was the first gambling machine that featured an automated payment system and had a bottomless hopper. It could pay out up to 500 coins without manual help.

The slot machines since have gone through various phases of development as the computers evolved. Although at the other end the cheats and thieves took advantage of these machines due to flaws, they have also contributed greatly in the slot machine evolution making them more fool-proof by the day.

The technology

These days, with the advent of computer and the program based random number generators; slot machines have evolved to come with odds as programmed. The older form of reels and levers are only a design addition and used for entertainment while the computer inside puffs up the random number generator to choose reel positions.
The random number generator or the RNG can generate thousands of random numbers per second. Although these RNG’s are designed to generate number randomly to make sure that the winning combination is also selected at random, some slot machines are also equipped with PRNGs or pseudo-RNGs where the number sequences could be repeated.
With innovations and technology changing and evolving by the day, the slot machines are also going further as the computers become faster and more reliable. Today’s slot machines are considered fool proof and surpass all myths and misconceptions that surround them. A player playing the slot machine for the first time has an equal chance of getting the winning combination as the player who has been playing for the last six hours on any of today’s slot machines. How better can a RNG work?

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