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Slot gambling, as most of the world knows is a game of chance and hence quite addicting. This addiction has been known to have destroyed many a families and relationships. It also interferes with one’s personal life as well as profession and could ultimately lead to a financial catastrophe. Slot gambling addiction can play truant on the addicted person’s psyche and render him or her resort to unethical practices like stealing in order to pay the debts accrued due to unfortunate gambling.

Many such gambling addicts think they can stop any time they want to, it is not entirely true. However gambling addiction and problematic gambling practices are treatable and the only step one has to take is to seek professional help. Such help can help a gambling addict take control of life again and render normalcy to strained relationships.

What is slot gambling addiction?

An any other gambling addiction and also called “compulsive gambling”, gambling addiction in clinical terms is an impulse-control disorder which means that gambling addicts cannot control their impulse to gamble even though they understand the consequences and realize that they are hurting their near and dear ones. Such disorder makes the addict gamble even if he is broke or flush, up or down, depressed or happy. Gambling is a game of odds and a compulsive gambler or a gambling addict will go on gambling even if the odds are against him. He or she cannot just stay off the bet.

Another milder form of gambling addiction is called problem gambling and this is a precursor to addiction. Problem gambling refers to a gambling practice that tends to disrupt the normalcy of the life of the gambler as well as his or her family. Gambling, setting aside its serious consequences, chasing losses or being more preoccupied with gambling are signs of problem gambling.

Phases of gambling addiction:

Gambling addiction set in phases. It normally begins with recreational gambling and progresses to problem gambling resulting in gambling addiction. Each of these phases can vary from few months to few years depending on the psychology of the gambler.

a.    The winning phase: This phase normally begins with a large win, thus triggering excitement and a misconception that gambling is a positive turn. The gambler normally starts believing that he or she has a special gift for gambling and will begin spending more time and money on gambling.
b.    The losing phase: After a few losses, this sets in the problem gambling practice and the gambler spends more time on it and gambles alone. He or she will begin lying to family, default on debts and skip work. In short the gambler will gamble to win his or her lost money back.
c.    The desperate phase: This is a stage where the gambler loses all control over gambling and is ashamed but he or she will not stop gambling. They will resort to unethical practices to find money to gamble.
d.    The hopeless phase: This is the rock-bottom of the gambler’s psyche. The gambler is immensely pained and could end up in jail or as an addict to drinking or drugs to forget the pain. Many gamblers also consider suicide as an option.

Treatment of gambling addiction

The first aspect here is that the gambler should admit that he or she has a gambling addiction. This is probably the hardest part. Recovery is not possible without an honest effort and if the gambler blames others or circumstances for the gambling addiction. The best option here is to consult an addiction specialist and ask for treatment and support from family and friends.

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