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Since the inception of technology that came in the form of computers, a random number generator has been defined as a computer program that just gives out random figures that does not follow a logical sequence. Although random numbers have been used for eons, especially in games of chance and lotteries, the advancements and actual randomness has set in due to the use of computers. For example, a shuffle of a card deck is also random and can be construed as a random number generator. The only lacuna in this example is that the randomness is limited to fifty two numbers or symbols and the shuffle is quite logical as an art form whereas such a lacuna is easily overcome using a computer program.

While using a computer program, we should understand how the random number generator works. There are many methods of achieving this. The program can use a series of complicated algorithms to generate random numbers as results of certain computations or it could also be a series of juggling phenomenon that give out random results. Whatever the methods used, the results are truly random and are 100% reliable to give out fair results.

In any kind of gambling or casino games, generating random numbers can give out truly fair results and would be called fair gambling. Loaded dice and other sort of cheats do not come into play here since the computer is sole in-charge of how the dice will roll and where the reels of a slot machine would stop making the whole process truly random. This ensures that no one gambler at the said table can predict anything or how the game will take shape. This is the fairest and truest form of gambling.

Fair play in today’s gambling world is very important and thus the random number generators controlled by computers are very important. In the gambling industry, the onus is on the casino to let an audit view the outcome of bets placed and the results of all odds over the month. This is not only an advertisement for the casino but also makes sure that the casino does not support any foul play. If a foul play is suspected, the casino could be investigated further and points to the fact that the random number generator is not working. With such a feedback the casino could see a drop in visitors. A working and true random number generator makes sure that the casino keeps its business and adds to it due to resulting fair play.

The advent of random number generators has had a very positive impact on online gambling and online casino’s too. If an online casino is deemed to be trustworthy, it adds value to its business as well as earnings. Since, in the virtual world, being trustworthy is the only way to do business, whatever the niche. Computer based random number generators have thus been a boon to the online gambling industry and have helped it grow leaps and bounds. An online casino with a proper random number generator is a safe haven to play.

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